Winter Solstice & The New Year

winter soltice

The year is coming to a close now. Winter Solstice and Christmas have come and gone. I hope you all have enjoyed the warmth of a fire, food, family, and friends. This week before the end of the year finds me in a joyful and reflective place. I’m shocked at how many of my year’s goals I accomplished. It feels like it was a big year for my personal growth. Determination and dedication felt like they were at all time highs. Like everyone, there were moments of lack of momentum and difficulty in mustering up the drive to get out of my own way. There were plenty of times I was hard on myself for not doing enough or trying harder, but at this arm length review, I’m proud of what I have done.

These things I’ve accomplished include:

  • Got out of debt
  • Ran more than I ever have in my life (over 80 times and over 200 miles; participated in two half marathon relays)
  • Lost 15 lbs (but then gained 5 lbs back hah)
  • Got a dog
  • Passed at least one (out of four) sections of my licensing exam
  • Furthered my career
  • Started relearning SketchUp
  • Started writing again
  • Focused on self growth
  • Traveled a bit
  • Hunted for the first time

There’s this buzz in my body, a soft layer of excitement that I wear like a favorite sweater. I’m eager and excited for the future. I have a dream, a vision, and support I could have only dreamed of years ago. There’s this unshakable feeling like I can conquer anything. That the unknown is less scary than it once was. Life can be so very exciting if you dare to dream, and even more exciting if you plan to actually act on those dreams.

A book that has been hugely influential on me lately is “You Are a Badass.” I happened to read a blog post that I swore was put out by Eight Owls Farmstead. Turns out it wasn’t. Anyway, in the post I read somewhere, the writer mentioned that a friend lent them book at a difficult time in their life and that it deeply resonated with them. I kept thinking about it all week until I decided to just buy the book myself. I must say, wow. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Being reminded that positive thinking and reframing situations in a beneficial way is huge. Some reviews claimed that the book was a repackaged version of “The Secret” with slang and some curse words. Honestly, it doesn’t matter one lick to me whether it is or not. It’s a message that everyone should hear. It has inspired me to begin meditating again in the morning, get back on the gratitude train, and question my moments of spiraling negative thought. In some ways, the self awareness it has reminded me of has saved me a couple of times from doing some really self-destructive and mean acts. It has gotten me so damn hopeful that I feel like I am about to burst with excitement and joy.

One thing about the upcoming year that admittedly does make me nervous is that it looks like it will about another year until D and I have the money to buy the type of property in the location we want. While I don’t find this necessarily discouraging, I am so eager that I feel like I’m getting impatient. That also means another frugal year where we try to save as much as possible. Besides the goal of saving enough money, I really want to focus on cultivating other forms of capital – social capital and experiential capital. A big help will be finding like-minded people to bounce ideas off of, to help out, and learn from. I also want to expand on practical skills – making soap, teas, tinctures, sewing/crocheting, canning, dehydrating, picking up mandolin again. Those are all valuable skills that don’t require a farm. Even if it takes time, I’m grateful for all forward progress I make.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2018 is going to be a great year.


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